Epochulator unix time calculator

Epochulator unix time calculator 1.3

Perform Unix time to data conversions on Mac.
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Doug Everly

Work with development projects requiring cross-system time management and modification operations. Automatically perform the conversion of database information according to Unix standards. Integrate the utility with one of the compatible development suites.

• Epochulator is free through the holidays! •
Epochulator is a unix time calculator. Epochulator is for software and database developers who need unix time to date conversions.
Epochulator is available in the menu bar.
- shows current unix time.
- shows date & time in local and GMT (UTC) time zones for any pasted unix times.
- click the calendar to change the date.
- move the clock hands to change the time.
Unix time is the number of seconds since 00:00:00 UTC on 1 January.

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