EpochClock 1.5

This app helps you convert Unix timestamps on your Mac.
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A Unix timestamp is the time and date that's being recorded by your Mac for a certain event. EpochClock is a simple Mac program that enables you to convert Unix timestamps into readable time and date details.

This Menu Bar utility is very simple to use. It automatically detects timestamps as soon as you copy them to your clipboard and converts the info to readable and date details. You can use shortcut keys to immediately copy the resulted info to your clipboard or to clear the stored details.

Another good thing is that it detects the current timestamp and displays it on your Menu Bar along with the conversion result.

The Preferences panel isn't available in the trial version of the program. You can get access to the settings menu of the application after you make a small in-app purchase. Once you acquire the full version of the utility you will have the ability to change timezone information, choose which details to be displayed on your Menu Bar (Unix timestamp or app's icon), etc.

However, you can use the application for an unlimited amount of time without paying a buck if you only need it to convert Unix timestamps. It provides you with accurate results and is very simple to use. So, it's up to you to decide if it's worth installing this tool on your Mac or not.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to use
  • Uses a small amount of CPU resources
  • Offers you accurate results
  • Detects the timestamp you copy to clipboard and automatically converts them


  • You need to make an in-app purchase to unlock all features
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