Entourage Email Archive X

Entourage Email Archive X 8.0

Archive emails within Microsoft Entourage.
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EEAX is the best solution for archiving your email from within Microsoft Entourage.
EEAX can archive/export email to many different format and structures and archives are searchable by Spotlight
EEAX is fully Unicode compliant.
EEAX can export email to Tab-Text format to import into Filemaker Pro Database.
A FREE Filemaker Pro email Database template is included in the package.
What's new in this version:
EEAX 7.x is now compatible with Lion 10.8.x Fixed a bug creating a long delay when the user presses Process. Fixed a bug in the PDF and Attachment archive types. Improved the "Export to MBOX" feature. Internal enhancements for a better compatibility with Mountain Lion.

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