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English for levels A1, A2, B1, B2 of the European framework of languages.
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English Listening is an educational tool for students who study the English language. It contains listening exercises that you can use to improve your listening skills and some tests that you can use to improve your grammar. The application is quite simple and it doesn't boast the best graphical design. The quality of the recordings leaves a bit to be desired as well.

The app was designed for basic and intermediate level students. Levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 of the European framework of languages can benefit from the lessons included in this app according to the application developers.

After you select one of two levels, you can start working with one of four listening exercises or one of four tests. The listening exercises consist of an audio recording and three transcriptions. You need to click on the correct one to listen to the next recording. In some cases, the correct transcription will be shown twice, but you can click on one of them. I thought this was a funny bug. The tests deal more with grammar than listening. The same transcriptions are used, but you need to complete the sentence keeping in mind the second part of a question. For example, you will see phrases like "How... you play Tennis?" and you need to choose whether "do", "will", or "has" are the correct words to complete that question. The answer to the question helps you choose the correct word. more

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  • A great number of recordings
  • Grammar tests


  • Not the best recording quality
  • No clear way to track improvement over time



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