EncryptedZip 1.2

It is an application to compress and extract your files using "defaultpassword".
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Vu Tien Thinh
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EncryptedZip is dedicated to customers who are working with secure projects, and need to set a password for every Zip file before sharing it. The application allows you to set a "default password" and use it when compressing your valuable data. If you want to open or extract encrypted files with pre-set default password, you do not need to enter the password again. In the "Preferences" window you are allowed to enable the "Guess passwords" option, which means that application will try these passwords first when opening encrypted Zip. or Rar. files.
The application also provides support for PC (Windows) users: it can automatically remove Mac hidden file (".DS_Store" file or "__MACOSX" folder, for example) for an archive, so that when an archive is extracted on a Windows PC, it is clean from Mac hidden files.
Moreover, you can quickly view the contents of a compressed files and uncompress only those files you choose without having to uncompress the entire archive. You can quickly preview one or more files in the archive by simply pressing the "Enter" key.
Another feature is the possibility to easily split a zip. file into bite sized pieces and merge splitted files back to the original file. Also EncryptedZip lets you filter files by name and supports 'drag and drop' option to view and compress files.

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