Emu48 1.2

Emu48 is the definitive emulator for HP calculators.
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Emu48 for Mac OS X is an emulator for HP calculators. It is a port of Emu48 for Windows and uses the same ROM images and interface skins. Currently it can emulate the HP49/48/40/39/38 series calculators. Emu48 is the definitive emulator for HP calculators. This is a port for Mac OS X. It has been tested under OS X 10.2.x and 10.3.x, and may or may not work under earlier or later OS versions. The emulator adopts Aqua conventions such as sheets. Drag and drop is functional, and you can drag a saved stack object from the Finder to the calculator to push it onto the stack, or drag a text object (string) to the Finder to save as a text clipping.

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