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Elimisoft App Uninstaller 2.6

Completely remove applications and their associated files.
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Elimisoft App Uninstaller is designed to help you remove apps and their associated files. Performing a complete installment, no junk files will be left to clutter your system. Consequently, your Mac will run faster and execute the given tasks without errors or blockages.

The program has a very simple interface. Without any setting to determine, you just need to press the 'Scan' button to search for your Mac apps. A scan monitor bar indicates the progress of the operation. Unfortunately, you can't stop or pause the process. You are bound to wait until the scanning ends or you can forcibly close the program. Once the scan operation is over, the tool displays the results in a list, giving you the chance to sort the found items by name or size. If looking for a certain app, you can enter its name in the designated search box.

Selecting one app from the list of results showcases all the associated files and their sizes. You can delete them all or selectively. The program supports uninstalling apps in batches, or at least it seems that it can do that. The last remark refers to the fact that you can't remove anything using the trial version. You just need to have faith that the tool does its job after you purchase it.

In short, Elimisoft App Uninstaller is a utility that scans your computer for installed applications. You may have the surprise to find apps that you no longer use and just take the space of your disk. Uninstalling these programs thoroughly can improve your system performance.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Removes apps completely, including associated files
  • Sorts the found apps by name and size
  • Uninstalls apps in batches


  • Can't stop or pause the scan process
  • Doesn't show the apps in Finder