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eJamming™ AUDiiO allows you to plug any instrument (audio or MIDI) into your computer...
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eJamming™ AUDiiO allows you to plug any instrument (audio or MIDI) into your computer, fire up eJamming AUDiiO and you're connected to your friends or new musicians, making music together over the Internet in real time - no matter if they live in the same city or thousands of miles away.
eJamming Sync-Delay algorithms delay the sounding of your instrument until you receive data from your fellow eJammers. So from the time you hit your keyboard, strum a guitar string, strike a drum skin or sing a note, the time it takes to hear that note and those of the other players in your Session varies from 25mS (milliseconds) within a city, 40mS-60mS within a 1500 mile jam and 60-80mS cross a continent or across the ocean. eJamming has even connected musicians in Florida and China together, and from Japan to San Francisco and Denmark in the same session.
eJamming recommends you wear headphones and practice to adjust to the Sync Delay.
eJamming's new Overdub mode allows for very long distance recording collaborations by creating a Virtual Recording Studio with near-zero-latency for the musician recording the new track while hearing it synchronized to all previously-recorded tracks, and all other members in a Session hear those tracks synchronized as well, no matter where they are.

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