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Free Take a screenshot, extract and translate text from it.
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EasyScreenOCR helps you take screenshots, extract text from them and translate it to a different language in a series of short steps. In this respect, the tool was made to be easy, inexpensive and unobtrusive. It runs from the Menu Bar and even responds to hotkey combinations, so it can significantly increase your productivity without using too much screen space.

The application has a straightforward workflow. You should begin by taking a shot of the desired screen region, which is immediately visible in the Image tab of the tool. Then, you can press the OCR button and see the results by switching to the Text tab. Later, you can use the recognized text or decide to translate it to another language.

Although the app works with its default settings, you may want to configure a few things. For instance, it is possible to use custom keyboard shortcuts. Likewise, you can set the tool to start automatically at startup. Similarly, you may decide on what format (PNG or PDF) to use for the screenshots. Finally, an important step is picking one of the OCR modes.

Applying OCR and translating the resulting text require an Internet connection. Regrettably, the tool does not alert you when it is not possible to access such services, and instead, it keeps you waiting for a while.

In general, EasyScreenOCR is an excellent option for translating on-screen text. Let us suppose you are using an application in a foreign language; it will allow you to know what a dialog box says without much effort. Luckily, there is a trial version of this product available from the developer’s website.

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  • Straightforward workflow that increases your productivity
  • Allows using custom hotkey combinations
  • Supports translating to several languages
  • Two OCR modes


  • Does not alert you when accessing Internet services is not possible


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