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Easy Duplicate is a simple duplicate file finder for the Mac.
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Hawark Li

Easy Duplicate is a simple duplicate file finder for the Mac. Duplicate files are identical copies of the same file that you probably don't know about. Duplicates are more common with pictures, because you copy them back and forth and you forget the erase them as you move them around your hard drive. They are not often a problem, but when the duplicate files are big, then you are wasting valuable hard drive space, and may be potentially creating other problems. Easy Duplicate can scan any folder on your Mac in search of duplicate files. It will then list those files so that you can decide what to do with them. When the app detects a duplicate, it will display its file name, and if you click on the arrow to its left, you will see all the duplicates that it has found. The number of duplicates is listed under "Count", on the last column to the right. Straight from the application's main window, you can quick look any file and access its properties. If you want to, you can also delete the files.

Easy Duplicate lets you customize the scan process just a bit. In fact the only two things you can change are the search path and the size of the files that you want to search for. By default, any files larger than 200 KB will be listed after a scan.

José Fernández
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