EANEncoder 1.5

EAN barcode generator that creates 100% compliant EAN barcodes...

EANEncoder is a software that generates 100% applicable EAN codes. EAN barcode, standing for European Article Number, is an international barcode symbology mainly used in the commercial sector for product identification. Just like the UPC, EAN has been approved by GS1 to be used at the retail point of sell of products. The only difference between them is that UPC is mainly adopted in the USA and EAN - almost everywhere else.
- Easy navigation through the program and user-friendly-interface;
- Create EAN-13 Barcodes with 13 digits and 5 Digits addon;
- Outputs the generated codes in PNG, EPS and SVG image formats.;
- Handles bulk barcode generation;
- Copy-to-pasteboard option, which alleviates the customer when altering the design of the barcode;EANEncoder is really beneficial application that can offer you only great functionality, alleviation and satisfaction. Check it out right now. EANEncoder is available on the Apple App Store.

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