DVDFab Mac Video Converter Lite

DVDFab Mac Video Converter Lite 1.1

World's simplest yet powerful 1-click Mac video converter.
1.1 (See all)

As a tailored free version of its fully functional counterpart, DVDFab Video Converter Lite for Mac is designed as a 1-step video converter exclusively for Apple devices. It allows Mac users to convert all their videos, including but not limited to, videos downloaded from internet, videos shot by camcorders, digital cameras, DSLRs, smart phones and tablets, into the correct formats to enjoy on the go on Apple TV, iPod, iPad or iPhone of all series to date, by just one simple mouse click.
The most eye-catching advantage of this Mac video converter software is that it can work independently to convert all the popular video formats, or can be used together with DVDFab Media Player Pro for Mac to convert DVD/Blu-ray ISO and folders.
Features at a glance:
* Convert all types of videos
* Convert DVD and Blu-ray ISO image files and folders
* Convert the entire piece or a certain clip of the source video
* Support many Apple devices
* Best optimized conversion profiles
* Blazing fast speed yet excellent quality

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