DV Monitor Pro 1.5

Organize and delete unwanted clips to free up space on you hard drive.
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DV Monitor Pro will save you time, money, and headaches. By Capturing live video directly to your hard drive you will not need to worry about wasting time capturing your tapes, changing tapes every 60 minuets, tape drop outs, or wearing out the heads on your video camera.

Keep your sanity by being able to quickly label, rate, name, and add comments to each clip right after you finish recording each shot while it is fresh in your memory. Stop wasting time doing “Log and Capture” sessions in Final Cut Pro, DV Monitor Pro eliminates all that pain.

Save even more time by saving out a Final Cut Pro file for instant access to all your clips and their notes so you can immediately start editing.

Reduce headaches in editing with DV Monitor Pros shot matching and continuity checking. Quickly see if you camera has moved, zoomed, or refocused. You can also match the exposure and color balance if either of these have changed between shots. Continuity checking will allow you to see if something has changed in your shot, like a candle that has burned down between shots or a glass of water that has been drank and allow you to fix the problem.

DV Monitor Pro supports Custom Image Overlays with full Alpha Channel support. Preview and compose special effect shots or create custom aspect ratio masks with ease.

Organize your clips with the Clip Manager. Quickly change the name, label, rating and comments of each clip. You can sort your clips for easy organizing and delete unwanted clips to free up space on you hard drive.

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