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DuplicateViewer offers to identify and remove both duplicate and large files.
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DuplicateViewer is an easy-to-use application that offers to identify and remove both duplicate and large files. Therefore, the application helps you unclutter the storage space in order to make your system run faster and complete the tasks in a reasonable amount of time.

The program opens with a simple and clear-cut interface that displays conveniently on the main window the two major functions as separate and easily-switchable modules. Finding duplicate files is a hassle-free task - all you need to do is select the folder or the drive you wish to scan, wait for the program to complete the search, and browse the results. The utility sorts the duplicates automatically by file type, so you can search faster for specific files. Unfortunately, the tool doesn't come with any filtering criteria to be applied prior to starting the scan process. Consequently, the operation may last quite long if the selected storage space is large enough. However, the app lets you open the duplicates in Finder or preview them with any of the supported reading apps installed on your computer. When it comes to looking for large files, the procedure is similar. Yet, the display of the results has file size as the main filter criterion.

An interesting feature provided by this program is the additional menu bar that appears when installing the app. It helps you view the storage condition of your disk quickly, so you can see at a glance the amount of free space in relation to the total storage space. Optionally, you can access the computer drives and the installed devices directly via the menu bar extension.

To sum up, DuplicateViewer is a handy application for detecting duplicates and large files that take most computer space. Once identified, you can easily delete the useless files in order to regain valuable storage space.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Sorts the identified duplicates by file type
  • Sorts the identified large files by size
  • Can open in Finder and let you preview the results
  • Supports scanning the entire drive or a specific folder
  • Menu bar extension


  • The scan process doesn't support filtering
  • No auto-deleting options based on specific criteria
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