SystemCleaner Master 8.9

Keep your Mac system clean by removing useless files and apps.
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SystemCleaner Master is an application created with the intention to keep your Mac system clean. It provides all common cleaning tools, such as scanning for junk files, removing useless apps, finding duplicate files, and viewing downloads.

The utility opens with a simple, yet rather dull interface. All the available functions are displayed on the left side of the main window so you can switch easily between them. However, no matter what module you enable, nothing works properly. The Home tab should give you information about your processor, memory, storage space, and OS version, yet no data is displayed. In addition, all the other modules don't return any results, simply because the application refuses to enable the scanning process. You are asked to select a directory for search, yet you can't go forward towards the next step.

All these being said, installing this application is a waste of time. It seems that the tool offers in-app purchases. If things stand differently after buying the utility, is a matter of chance and a risk you may or may not take.

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  • Easily switch between cleaning tools


  • Doesn't return any search results
  • Doesn't give any info about your system
  • Doesn't clean your system
  • Can't enable the scan process



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