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Dreamlight is an image editor that lets you add effects to your photos.
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Dreamlight is an image editor that lets you add effects to your photos. As the name of the application suggests, the effects consist of light of different colors and shapes. There are forty effects available, but you can only apply one effect to each photo per time. If you wanted to apply more than one effect to an image, you would need to save it and then re-open it.

When you load an image, you can preview the effects by clicking on the thumbnails on the left. There are four pages of ten effects each. One good thing about this app is that no two effects look alike.

One disadvantage that I found in this application is that you can't customize many things. This is a disadvantage because some of the effects look pretty weakly designed, and if you could move them around or customize their intensity, then they wouldn't look so bad. The only thing that you can customize with this application is the format and the quality of the image when you decide to save it.

To be fair, some of the effects would look picturesque in certain types of photos. Like night-time shots or some types of scenery. Most of them, though look too artificial.

In short, Dreamlight has effects that could entertain you for a little while, but you probably would not want to ruin your important photos with them.

JF Senior editor
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  • Lots of effects
  • Good format support both input and output


  • The effects don't look good on most photos



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