DreamCatcher 1.2

DreamCatcher is software that spellchecks web sites.
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James Howard

DreamCatcher is software that spellchecks web sites.
The contents of many web sites are often pulled from disparate sources that cannot easily be comprehensively checked for spelling until the site is put together.
For instance, a site might pull content from a database that is populated through a content management system, or it might link to pdf, word, or other document formats that are produced separately from the site itself.
DreamCatcher simply starts following links within your website, and it checks each page and document as it encounters it for spelling errors.
Once the list of errors for the site is collected, DreamCatcher displays them in a list, and it will take you directly to the occurrence of the misspelling with a click of your mouse. You can also export your findings to html for later review or to send to your colleagues.

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