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Doorman is a program for Mac that generates passwords.
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By Mr. Fridge Software

Whether you wish to create a new email account or need to change the password for an encrypted document, it's a good thing to use safe random passwords that contain various types of characters and symbols. Doorman is a program that provides you with a simple way to generate secured passwords for you to use whenever you require.

The app comes with a straightforward interface and easy to configure password generating settings, so any user will be able to handle the program. You can choose which type of characters to use when generating passwords (lower and upper case, numbers, and symbols) and select the length of the new password.

A good aspect about working with this application is that it lets you adapt the Special Characters list according to your needs; you can add or remove any character whenever it's necessary.

The only thing I would personally change on this app is the length selection mode. The program allows you to pick your password length only by using your mouse, therefore, you can't enter the desired value with your keyboard.

As for the rest, the application works great. Doorman immediately offers you the secured password you need, lets you know about the security level for the generated password, and allows you to save the ones you consider to be safe in a Favorites list for later use.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Can generate speakable passwords
  • You can keep a Favorites list with generated passwords
  • Allows you to customize the Special Characters list


  • Unable to enter the password length from keyboard
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