DMGMaker 1.0

DMGMaker generates a Mac disk image file from a folder using drag-and-drop.
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DMGMaker generates a Mac disk image file from a Finder folder using drag-and-drop. The resulting .DMG file and mountable volume retain the name and contents of the source folder, and may be configured as Internet-enabled using the application's preferences.

DMGMaker's other customizable settings are more notification-oriented - the application can play the system's notification sound and/or show the image file in a Finder window and/or mount the image when the conversion is complete.

The app is a simple one, but considering how user-friendly it is in other aspects, it still could have benefitted from a little in-app documentation. Most likely everyone who has used a Mac regularly is familiar with the DMG format if not necessarily with its benefits, but very few will know what "Internet-enabled" is supposed to mean (when toggled, it apparently mounts after download from the Internet, a behavior I always thought was controlled by browser settings?).

The conversion won't necessarily succeed, but it usually should, and it's certainly worth a try before looking at commercial alternatives.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Simple and (relatively) idiot-proof interface
  • Brings a common compression alternative to the masses


  • No notification or apparent solution when virtualization has failed
  • Internet-enabled = ?
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