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DJ Kit is a musical sound bank with 11 different audio categories.
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iPlayTones, LLC
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DJ Kit is a freemium musical sound bank with 11 different audio categories. It can be controlled from an iOS device with the DJ Kit Remote app (sold separately).
Put simply, this app is a piece of junk. The idea behind it is that you can use the different samples it provides to create a dynamic looping piece of music with audio accents on demand. The reality is that it's a challenge to press any two buttons without creating instant, unstoppable cacophony. To start with, there is awful labeling. Sure, the sounds are categorized by genre, but within each genre there are multiple effects with the same name and different associated sounds. There is no indication of what sounds are active at a given time, which is fine for single hits, but if you have the loop button checked, then there is no way to tell what's playing unless you remember which of the seven "Bass Wobbles" buttons you clicked. Even then, it won't stop until you uncheck the loop option and play the sound again.

Sam's Protip: Stay away from this and everything else by iPlayTones. I wouldn't want you accidentally making a $300 in-app purchase.

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  • Excellent method of torture
  • Includes download of "starter" audio file pack at no additional charge


  • No controls for anything except global volume
  • Audio is not uniform quality
  • Most of potential content requires extraordinarily expensive in-app purchases



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