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PandaWare® DiskWrangler™ is a utility for Mac OS X that gives you virtually complete control over file launching and browsing, with your keyboard or mouse. If you're tired of the system deciding which application to launch files with, here is your solutiion.
Increase your productivity in OS X by keeping your fingers where they belong — on the keyboard. With PandaWare DiskWrangler you no longer need to reach for the mouse to launch, copy, move or do something else with a file. DiskWrangler makes it possible to do more with less mousing.
PandaWare DiskWrangler lets you launch any application or document with a few keystrokes. It gives you the freedom to launch files of the same type with different applications, or with different versions of the same app. It can even launch URLs, so you can go to your favorite Web sites or create an e-mail message to a regular correspondent at the press of a key. You can also launch sets of files and folders with a single keystroke.
DiskWrangler lets you view the contents of any drive connected to your Mac in as much detail as you need. See the same files and folders the Finder shows you, or add invisible items and items that belong to OS X's underlying Unix system. You can also export lists of folder contents for archival or comparison purposes.
DiskWrangler offers a file search feature that lets you find files by name or date. It lets you locate files that Mac OS X's Spotlight doesn't.

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