Disk LED

Disk LED 2.1

Monitor and display the status of all your disk drives.

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Manage a variety of indicators to display the current status of all your drives in a summarized manner. Monitor both internal and external drives. Adjust the refresh interval for the disks from 0.1 to 0.5 seconds or for the SMART monitor going from 5 to 30 minutes.

Have you ever wondered why your machine is not responding? Have you ever wished it had a LED indicating your disk's activity?
Well, now it does! Disk LED is a very simple unobtrusive application that lives in your status bar and displays just that: an indicator of your disk activity.
Disk LED shows activity for any internal or external storage device in a separate or summarized way (only for the devices you wish to monitor).
You can choose between many LED models to suit your status bar style, and overlay an indicator to know which of them are removable or optical drives.
Just hover with your mouse over the leds and you can see a tooltip to know which is which.
You can also change the refresh rate to decide how many milliseconds you can tolerate without knowing exactly what your disks are doing!
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