Disk Analyzer Pro

Disk Analyzer Pro 3.0

Disk Analyzer Pro is a comprehensible disk organizer and file manager.

Disk Analyzer Pro is a full-featured application that works as a comprehensive file manager. The tool performs a thorough disk analysis in order to help you organize your files and remove unnecessary items to save valuable storage space.

The interface has an attractive design, with a completely black-colored background that provides a stylish appearance. Unfortunately, the app doesn't come with alternative themes for users who are not fond of dark colors and who may not appreciate the black modern layout.

Once you open the program, you are invited to select the drive you wish to scan. The tool offers to analyze both internal and external disks, as well as shared folders in other devices. While the scan process is in progress, you are informed in real time about the number of folders analyzed. In addition, a quick look at the progress bar gives you a hint on how long the process is about to take until the disk space report is generated.

The moment Disk Analyzer Pro has finished your drive's inspection, the overview section opens up, giving you handy usage statistics. The report organizes the disk’s contents into multiple types of files, with detailed information on the file count, size, and storage percentage of each file category. Furthermore, you can generate specific reports with the top 100 largest files and, respectively, the oldest items that clutter your disk drive and slow down your system.

The application comes with a built-in file explorer that makes browsing your computer easier. In addition, this module gives you detailed information on each displayed item, such as the size, the numbers of files and sub-folders, the date of creation and of last modification, as well as the percentage of space that it takes up on the parent directory.

What you will definitely appreciate about this program is its comprehensive sorting criteria. Thus, the utility offers to filter items by size range, file type, date range, and custom type summary. In addition, it identifies obsolete junk files and installed applications, letting you know at a glance how much space they are taking off the total storage space. To narrow the search even more, you can make use of a powerful search engine that allows you to enable multiple filters at once for more accurate results. All sections lets you manage various file operations, such as deleting, copying, moving, as well as zipping selected files.

All these functions make Disk Analyzer Pro a reliable disk organizer and file manager. You rarely meet such a large array of scan filters in free applications. Moreover, the program lets you customize the display units, exclude paths and files from being scanned, and apply custom filters along with the already existing ones.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Disk usage report
  • Storage statistics based on different criteria
  • Built-in file explorer
  • Powerful search engine
  • Comprehensive file filters
  • Multiple file operations


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