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Discovr Music - discover new music 2.0

Discovr Music helps you find new music that you may like.
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Discovr Music helps you find new music that you may like. Thus, we could probably define this app as a music discovery service. The premise is very simple; you simply type in the name of an artist that you like and the app shows you other artists that are similar to the one you entered. Then, you can view details about them and listen to some of their songs. You can't really listen to music within the application, instead, when you click on a song, you are taken to a YouTube page where the song is hosted.

Discovr Music uses maps. At the center of the map will be the artist that you entered. 6 new artists or groups will be shown on the map and they will be all connected to the one you entered. If you double click on any of them, you will be taken to a page where you can read about them and you can see all their songs. If you single click on one of them, 6 new groups will be added to the map, but connected to the artist that you clicked on. Pretty fast, the screen can get filled of artists that you might like.

In short, this is a nice app to find new artists and songs. It works very well, but I would totally love if you could play music from within the app, or even create playlists.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • It finds similar artists
  • All songs were found on YouTube


  • I wish I could play songs from within the app
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