Diamond Checkers 1.5

Just for iPhone—Watch the gorgeous graphics and fluid animations.
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Diamond Checkers... Just for iPhone—Watch the gorgeous graphics and fluid animations. Control your pieces directly and intuitively. Scroll the screen smoothly and effortlessly. Connect with your friends and discover the new fun. This game is just for iPhone.
Basics— Diamond Checkers is a strategic board game that can be played by two to six people. It implements the rules of a game known as "Halma" or "Chinese Checkers". The objective of the game is to place one's pieces to the opposite side of the board.
Play over Network—You can play the game against CPUs or against your friends over the same WiFi network. Thanks to Bonjour networking, you don't need to know the IP address or any other technical details; it just works.
Various Options—If you're new to the game, no worry. You can choose to display hints, which helps you to find legal moves. And if your busy day doesn't allow much time for entertainment, turn on the Rapid Mode so that you can play more with less time.
One more thing... The game is designed with accessibility in mind. When you turn on this option, Roman numerals are displayed on pieces so that you can distinguish them by the numbers instead of colors. It's a special care that we take pride in.



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