Devil's Brigade Lux 1.0

Free Command of the elite Devils Brigade and accomplish military mission.
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Devils Brigade Lux is a strategy game that lets you take command of the elite Devils Brigade unit from WWII. Based on the Lux game engine. Mission info: upon arrival at the Camino massif, the two targets selected for the FSSF were Monte la Difensa and Monte la Remetanea. The first, Difensa, appeared to be virtually impregnable. The dormant volcano provided the German troops with an ideal defensive position. Armed with machine guns and mortars, the German defenders could easily hold off an assault on the ramp-like southern slope which offered the only passable approach to the top. The northern face of the mountain featured almost vertical 200-foot high cliffs. Two previous attempts to take Difensa had been made on the southern slope by the 3rd and 36th US Infantry Divisions.

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