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This app is an extension to Mac's Dashboard program.
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This program doesn't come as an alternative to working with Mac's Dashboard app for managing widgets. The application is simply an extension to the aforementioned Mac default utility that gives you access to various settings, like the ability to pin widgets to your desktop wallpaper, display stickies floating above all windows, and many others.

Dashboard is a Mac utility that's used as a secondary desktop for managing several tiny apps like a calendar, clock, calculator, etc. This program can be accessed by hitting the F12 key or going to Applications folder and launching the tool. The aforementioned small tools are installed on your computer by default, but you can add more from the Mac App Store or other widget providers.

DesktopWidget sits on your Dock or Menu Bar, immediately gives you access to the mini-tools you need, and uses a small amount of CPU resources while running on your computer. Furthermore, it provides you with individual settings for each installed widget which can easily be configured even by average computer users. You can adjust the opacity level, enable full or Internet access, and much more.

So, by working with this program you can access any installed widget without launching the Dashboard tool and use the mini-tools on top of other running Mac applications. For example, you can keep the analog clock widget on your desktop configured to show the time in another country and know exactly when it's time to contact your client.

All in all, DesktopWidget is a handy and simple to handle Mac program. In my opinion, it's definitely worth installing it on your computer if you're using the Dashboard widgets on a daily basis.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Communicates well with Mac's Dashboard app
  • Immediately gives you access to the widgets you need
  • Uses minimum CPU resources


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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