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Demolition Company is a demolition game with 3D graphics.
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Demolition Company is a demolition game with 3D graphics. The demo of the game lets you play the first two assignments. You are a demolition worker who has different jobs all over the city. Each job is made up of different assignments. The game is played from a first-person perspective and you can get into vehicles. When you do get into a vehicle, the perspective changes to a third-person perspective or an overview of the vehicle.

The first assignment that I played was to demolish a small construction on the roof of a building. I had to be careful not to let any rubble fall from the building. Whenever something fell, a red meter started filling up. If it filled up completely, the mission would be over. This assignment was rather easy. All I had to do is walk around the construction with my jackhammer on. The building would start breaking up in little pieces, and after a while, it was all a pile of debris. The second assignment was more difficult, because I had to use a vehicle to destroy a small building. The controls changed but they were easy to understand and use.

In the full game, you can expect to see lots of different vehicles and lots and lots of different assignments. This is a very original game and the demo lets you see what it is about. I have to say that this is a great demo, because it lets you play the game without limitations for the first two assignments.

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