Democracy 1.4

Take control of your country's economic and social system to be prosperous.
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You have been elected as the ruler of the country where you have to control everything to be successful. Manage finances, war, social relations, voters and more. Simulate various scenarios that will have an impact on your decisions over time and implement policies to keep things steady.

Democracy puts you in charge: You've just been elected, and now you've got to implement policies that will improve your country's economy and well-being while keeping enough voters satisfied to win the next election. The game's deep simulation models hundreds of variables, and lets you adjust everything from import tariffs to marriage laws.
A built-in tutorial gets you started, but the depth of the simulation will keep you engaged for hours of governing!
- Learn about the essential compromises that politics requires
- Complete tutorial makes it easy to Requirements
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later



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