Debt Quencher 1.5

Process credit debt data to optimize payments.
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Organize debt payments to balance out the budget and maximize eddifiency. Process the current numbers of the debt account and select the size and periods for paying in parts. Change the monthly amount of money dedicated to paying off the debt and track the progress.

A painless way to analyze, manage and eliminate credit card debt!
Debt Quencher is incredibly easy to use. You will know how to eliminate your credit card balances within minutes of starting the program. No need to run reports or answer complex questions, just put in three numbers and see summary and detailed results instantly.
Pay It Down
Debt Quencher gives you three ways to pay down your debt: Adjust the individual planned payment amounts, enter the additional payment amount, or the total monthly payment. No matter which way you enter your amounts, Debt Quencher will calculate the best way to save you money.
Keep Your Numbers Current
The Make Payments command helps keep your balances current. With two clicks you can apply your planned payments to the balances and change the Last Updated date to the current date.
Simple Data Entry
Debt Quencher has been designed to be easy for anyone to use. It's harder to find the interest rate on your credit card statement than it is to use this tool. Enter that rate along with your current balance and minimum payment to see how long it will take to pay off that card.
Play What If
For more "what if" scenarios, you can change the Payoff Method to one of four choices: Minimum Payment, Highest Interest, Lowest Balance or Highest Balance. Debt Quencher always shows your savings for each method and recommends a best method. You can choose any one of these methods to review the payment plan.
Get It in Writing
Getting a hard copy of your payments is easy too: Just click the Print button.
Fast and Helpful Support
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