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A powerful cross-platform database development and management tool.
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DB Solo - The SQL Query Tool is a powerful yet affordable cross-platform database development and management tool for both developers and administrators. DB Solo supports all major relational database products available today:
- Oracle 8.1.7 and later
- Sybase ASE 12.5 and later
- Sybase SQL Anywhere 9 and later
- MySQL 3.23 and later
- MS SQL Server 2000 and later
- DB2 LUW 8.x and 9.x
- HSQLDB 2.0 and later
- Solid EmbeddedEngine and Solid BoostEngine
- PostgreSQL 7.3 and later

DB Solo comes bundled with JDBC drivers for Oracle, MySQL, Sybase ASE, Sybase Anywhere, DB2, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Main Features:

- Cross-platform SQL Query Tool with support for all major DBMS products
- Multiple simultaneous database connections
- Browse and manage database structures with a couple of mouse clicks
- Create and drop common database objects using the advanced DBA features.
- Enter ad-hoc SQL queries in the query window that supports
- Auto completion
- Syntax coloring
- Explain Plan
- Persisted query history
- Multiple result sets
- Schema Scripting Tool
- SQL Data Import Tool
- SQL Export Tool
- Oracle Stored Procedure Editor and Debugger
- Stored Procedure Editors for Sybase and SQL Server
- J2EE Code Generator for POJOs, EJB 3.0 annotations, JDBC persistence layer using the DAO pattern, JUnit tests, etc.
- Schema Comparison Tool - Including Schema Synchronization
- Table Data Comparison And Synchronization Tool
- Database Search Tool
- View table references in a graph or list format
- View rows related to a selected table row
- View images stored in BLOB columns (GIF, JPG and PNG)
- View ASN.1 and XML data in a tree format
- Store favorite queries and database objects

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  • Mac app with jdbc driver for db2