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Searches and browses files using sorting options.
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Optimize file search and find the data according to non-standard queries. Enter such information as filenames, filetypes, file content, date ranges, and more. Check the related search history and access the lore of the identified elements to check the version, history, and context of their storage.

DataLore is a unique front-end to Spotlight that lets you search and find files at lightning fast speed, locally or on your network. DataLore also lets you discover more information about your files, unlike any other file search tool out there!
Search and find files on your own Mac, other Macs on your network, and external drives, all at the same time. Innovative Search-As-You-Type technology lets you find your files fast. Search filenames, filetypes, file content, date ranges, and more. Narrow your search results using a host of different filters. And don't just stop there - use the More Lore sidebar to explore and learn more about your search results and the files within.
DataLore works with you while you type, responding immediately to your every move. If you have one Mac, you'll love DataLore for its speed! If you have more than one Mac, you'll go GAGA over the speed and flexibility of searching and finding files on all of your Macs, while comfortably seated at your Mac du jour!
DataLore is Lean, Powerful, and Lightning Fast! For both simple searches and for power users who need the ability to perform complex search queries, quickly, easily, and without interruption...Look no more - Try DataLore!
Screencast Tutorials:Be sure to view our short screencast tutorials of DataLore in action, located at These tutorials will give you a quick rundown of the basic features as DataLore's developer performs a simple search, locally and on the network.
Here are just some of DataLore's unique features and innovative tools:
- Innovative "Search-As-You-Type" technology for finding your files fast.
- Text entry with Shorthand and Special Characters for more complex, highly defined searches.
- Unique More "Lore" sidebar gives you more information on your files and related searches.
- Intelligent keyboard shortcuts for finding and exploring files even faster.
- Search your own Mac, other Macs on your network, and multiple external hard drives, all at the same time.
- Search filenames, file types, contents of files, date range and more.
- Filter searches by file type and file kind to narrow down the search results.
- Multitude of filters to further narrow down results, such as: documents, images, downloaded files, source code, folders, music/audio files, plus more.
- Handy Date Range control lets you select a preset date range or manually enter your own date range.
- Search your entire computer or search only a specific folder(s) and include/exclude file types.
- Search results list offers a host of options to help you view and manage your files.
- Quick Look support for quickly viewing your files.
- Clean and powerful user interface.
- Plus so much more!

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