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Data Rescue 3 is a data recovery tool for your Mac.
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Data Rescue 3 is a data recovery tool. Unlike other similar applications, this one focuses more on data recovery than the repair of faulty hard drives. Thus, you will find that there are many scanning modes that let you find either lost data or files that you have recently deleted. There are also other modes that have nothing to do with data recovery and deal more with data loss prevention. The available modes are Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Deleted Files Scan, Clone and Analyse.

Graphically, you can tell that a lot of effort was put into creating the user interface in Data Rescue 3. There are a lot of effects in every little part of the interface. Some users will like them more than others, but they undoubtedly look fancy.

To test the application, I intentionally deleted some MKV files I had on my disk and I ran two different scans. The first one was the quick scan. This one took a little less than 3 minutes to scan my 500-gigabyte hard drive. When the scan was completed, I was unable to locate the files that I had deleted, but the results included a bunch of files. I like that you can use a search field to search for a specific file instead of navigating through folders. The second scan that I ran was the Deleted Files Scan. This one was a bit lengthier. The scan was completed in a little under two hours and I also didn't find the deleted files. A Deep Scan was also unable to recover them.

I contacted the technical support at Prosoft Engineering and they were quick to help me out. The problem with my testing apparently is that MKV files are not supported by the application. There is a feature called FileIQ that should let you add new file types to the list of supported files but it didn't work in my case.

As I always say with this type of applications, each user will have different results. Fortunately, there is a demo version that you can download to try scanning your hard drive.

In short, Data Rescue 3 provides different tools for recovery of data. The app has a good design and the customer support is eager to help when you have a problem.

José Fernández
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  • FileIQ is a nice feature to improve format support
  • Good design
  • Different types of scans


  • I didn't get the best results recovering deleted files
  • No filtering options before a scan
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