DashExpander 1.8

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DashExpander is a snippet abbreviation expander. It saves you from typing countless keys for frequently used pieces of text. Abbreviation Expansion supports placeholders which can be edited before pasting, without disrupting your work.
- Collect text snippets that you reuse often.
- Sync by saving your library in Dropbox.
- Placeholders can be edited before pasting.
- Abbreviations are expanded wherever you type them.
- Tag Cloud scales tags based on usage count.
- Built for speed. Searching is almost instant.
- Menu item application, always one keyboard shortcut away.
- Multi-Touch Gestures.Special Snippet Placeholders:
- @clipboard expands into the contents of the clipboard.
- @cursor repositions the cursor after expansion.
- @date expands into the current date.
- @time expands into the current time.
Note to developers and designers: you should check out Dash, which has all of DashExpander's features, and more.

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