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D-Subtitler is an app that can rip subtitle files from DVD movies.
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Ludovic Paquot

D-Subtitler is an app that can rip subtitle files from DVD movies. It can extract those subtitles and save them in .SRT files, which is the standard format for subtitles. Many apps can open those files, like VLC, Movist, Quicktime (with Perian), MPlayerX, etc.

To start the process, you need a DVD movie without CSS protection. If your movie has protection, you need to rip it first to your hard drive to eliminate it. Once the movie is loaded (you do this by selecting the folder where it is located or your DVD drive), all you have to do is select the language of the subtitle that you want to work with. There is even a video player that can play the movie with subtitles for you.

The app uses OCR technology to convert the images in which the subtitles appear into text that it can save as SRT files. You have to type in the characters that you are shown exactly as you see them for the app to give you good results. You only have to type in each character once, and re-type it maybe when the app doesn't recognize it. The good thing about how D-Subtitler works is that it gives you context. It can show the full sentence and this is useful when you don't recognize a character alone.

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