D-Link Camera Viewer 2

D-Link Camera Viewer 2

Accesses and controls IP D-Link cameras.
3.0 (See all)
IP Helper

View the feeds from IP D-Link cameras on a Mac without processing the incoming signal with Java or ActiveX. The application supports an unlimited number of compatible devices recognizable in the network it is connected to. Real-time monitoring is possible.

D-Link Viewer 2 is an application where you can view your IP D-Link cameras on your MAC.
No Java Or ActiveX is required.
You can build unlimited number of cameras to view them.
D-Link Viewer supports the Following Cameras:
- D-Link DCS-1100
- D-Link DCS-1130
- D-Link DCS-2000
- D-Link DCS-2100
- D-Link DCS-2102
- D-Link DCS-2103
- D-Link DCS-2120
- D-Link DCS-2121
- D-Link DCS-3110
- D-Link DCS-3230
- D-Link DCS-3410
- D-Link DCS-3411
- D-Link DCS-3415
- D-Link DCS-3430
- D-Link DCS-3710
- D-Link DCS-5220
- D-Link DCS-5220 B1
- D-Link DCS-5230
- D-Link DCS-5230 L
- D-Link DCS-5300
- D-Link DCS-5300 W
- D-Link DCS-5605
- D-Link DCS-5635
- D-Link DCS-6111
- D-Link DCS-6410
- D-Link DCS-6510
- D-Link DCS-6511
- D-Link DCS-6620
- D-Link DCS-6817
- D-Link DCS-6818
- D-Link DCS-7110
- D-Link DCS-7410
- D-Link DCS-7510
- D-Link DCS-900
- D-Link DCS-910
- D-Link DCS-920
- D-Link DCS-930
- D-Link DCS-930 L
- D-Link DCS-932 L

Comprehensive support is available by contacting support@cam-apps.com

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