CronniX 3.0

CronniX allows you to schedule the execution of applications, scripts and more.
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CronniX is an application launcher that brings a graphic user interface to the popular "cron" Unix utility. It executes just any type of files supported by "cron" including commands. Scheduled tasks may be saved, imported, exported and you may edit the environment variables that CronniX uses.

The program has an intuitive interface. Each task you create can easily be accessed and edited. When scheduling a new task, Cronnix offers one of 3 time editing methods: Simple, Intervals and Expert; users can set the time either by moving the sliders or by manual input. The Intervals tab, however, does not seem to work. In the Schedule panel you can input Unix commands, run a selected application or AppleScript.

The utility includes keyboard shortcuts support for quickly running tasks, inserting many other program functions.

CronniX provides a solid GUI for "cron". You can schedule repetitive tasks like backups, synchronization tasks, your own scripts or custom commands intuitively. Apart from the Intervals tab which does not make much sense, all features work great. The program is flexible and reliable.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Can execute applications, commands and scripts
  • Intuitive interface
  • Add and remove environment variables
  • Simple and expert time editing


  • Intervals tab is non-functional
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