Crazy Monster Truck Escape

Crazy Monster Truck Escape 1.0

A freemium game where you direct a getaway monster truck past highway obstacles.
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In Crazy Monster Truck Escape, you get to drive a monster truck against highway traffic. Your goal is to avoid destruction rather than cause it though, since you are being pursued by the police and a crash could mean capture. In addition to the scattered cars and trucks on the road, you must contend with occasional police barricades and traps deposited by a police helicopter.

As exciting as all this sounds, there's no progression of difficulty, so you may as well stop playing as soon as you figure out how to play and how to bypass a few unusual obstacles. There's not even the satisfaction of driving over smaller cars like in the demolition derbies that popularized the vehicles - the player can survive after ramming and blowing up sedans, but the truck comes to a complete stop and the animation is minimal.

There are four different characters that correspond to four different crimes and four different racing environments. These characters can be unlocked one at a time through distance achievements or through in-app purchases. There are also a number of different trucks, which may be selected independent of character.

Sam's Protip: Driving through the barricade between police cars doesn't damage the vehicle much, if at all. I recommend actually aiming for it to keep things interesting.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Monster truck + nitrous = win
  • Unlockable drivers provide a change of scenery
  • Faster driver unlock is the only premium aspect


  • Interface extends outside of the window
  • No difficulty increase over time; gets old quickly
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