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BatterySqueezer throttles selected resource hungry applications when in the...
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BatterySqueezer gives you:
- Longer battery life
- More processing power for the applications you actively use
- Reduced carbon footprint and energy consumption
- Less fan noiseHow does it work?
Applications, especially Internet browsers, can put a heavy load on your system by demanding processing power even if they are running in the background. BatterySqueezer throttles Flash animations, videos, advertisements and virtually everything that run by your browser when it is in the background.
Active programs running unnecessarily in the background can have many consequences:
- High CPU demand
- More power requirement
- Shorter battery life
- Less available resources for your active applications
- Loud fan noise If you visit webpages which have flash animations, videos or JavaScripts running or you have many open tabs in your browser, it can take more than 10%, often 20-30% and sometimes even 100% of your CPU power.
Less CPU load = Lower energy consumption
Lower energy consumption => Batter battery life + Speed
Until now you have had basically one option: Close down the program.
BatterySqueezer is a low footprint application. It runs discreetly on the menu bar and it's dock icon can be hidden.

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