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Cosmos is a handy application for managing tracks, pictures and videos. You can manage, browse and arrange the files into separate groups or albums. It comes with an easy-to-use menu and modern design. You can edit at any time the name of groups or albums, and add various notes as description or tags. You can choose among three ways to see the photos and videos: browser, filmstrip and poster view.
In addition, the application comes with a trash basket, if you want to clean or sort your files. Another important aspect of using this app is that you can reveal the log file, which will be opened in the built-in terminal, and will show any changes one has made upon the groups or albums. When you want to export the assets (photos and videos) you can choose to copy and not convert AVCHD files. For a faster way to sort out movies and photos, you can zoom out in the browser window, in order to see more files at a time. You can also burn the files you want to export to a Blu-Ray DVD or a data DVD.

Briefly, it is safe to say that Cosmos is a handy tool for managing tracks, photos and videos, allowing you to sort them and arrange them into groups or albums.

Dave Hattey
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  • Modern appearance
  • Low on resource consumption


  • Does not act as a player for audio or video files
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