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Conspire is a virtual whiteboard app, allowing its users to connect to each other and share a whiteboard session on their Macs. Users can draw, erase, add and edit text, as if they were all standing together in front of an office whiteboard.
Conspire strives to resemble a real whiteboard, but also include the advantages of a computer. There are six pen colors, each with three widths, an eraser tool and a text tool. Lines can be drawn and erased by any connected user, and text can be added, edited or deleted.
Each copy of Conspire acts as a client and a server, allowing you to host a whiteboard session or join one already in progress. Conspire uses the uPnP and NAT-PNP technology built into many current routers to allow users to host a session across the Internet easily, without configuring their router by hand. Conspire is also configured to work over a local network with no configuration needed.

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