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Fight your way through the dangers of ancient China.
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Conquer Online, set in the world of ancient China, is a free-to-play 2.5D MMORPG. Within the beautiful and opulent world of oriental fantasy, you will take control of a strong and gallant hero, slaying frightful monsters, completing dangerous quests with your friends, and having the most fun of your life. The game made its debut back in 2003, and with fun game-play, multiple PvP events, and unique classes and skills, the game has attracted more than 10 million registered users around the world.
A Beautiful Game World: Conquer Online has a visual style that resembles the traditional Chinese hand-painted artwork. Fun Game-play, Fast Paced Leveling, and Combat: Conquer Online is easy to learn and full of wonderful content to explore. The game's combat is fast paced and fluid, skills and spells look impressive, and players can jump instead of walking. Large & Friendly Player Community: Players can form a guild, clan, and even a family in the game. There are also many social actions available, as well as a thriving forum community. 7+1 Unique Classes: Choose between the Pirate, Monk, Ninja, Trojan, Warrior, Taoist or Archer/Assassin. In-depth Customization Options: The game offers an abundant choice of beautiful garments, hairstyles, mount armor, and even weapon accessories.
Multiple PVP Events: The game offers many different types of PvP tournaments and events, like the Guild War, Class PK tournament, Team PK tournament, Faction Wars and more. Unique Rebirth System: Once your reach your limits in your first life, you have the chance to be reborn, giving you new powers and abilities.
What's new in this version:
The new class and new server release:
The Oriental Assassin
All Level 40+ Archers can now unlock their new identity! Visit the Archer God (Job Center) to learn more! Archers can now receive Throwing Knives as a reward for their class promotion.
New Server - "The Assassin"
With the arrival of Oriental Assassins, a new US server, "The Assassin", will also be opened on Jan. 29th. To celebrate the opening of the new server as well as to give the young adventures a bo...


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