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Write your text while staying focused on the content.
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Compositions is a utility that comes as an alternative to using Mac's TextEdit application. With its help, you can stay focused on what you're currently writing, without being distracted by numerous toolbar buttons or other elements you normally see in a text editor.

The program features a straightforward interface showing 2 panels: in one you can enter the title of your work and in the other panel you can start typing your text. Once you finish entering your text, you can export it to your local directories or print it directly from the app's interface.

In addition, the app lets you toggle fullscreen mode whenever you need to stay more focused on your work. It also features an option to take snapshots of your text piece.

Unfortunately, the application comes with 3 flaws. For starters, the Snapshots screen occasionally displays an empty Preview panel. Furthermore, the program supports only 2 output formats: TXT and a format that's compatible only with Compositions. It also lacks page arrangement and other text style settings.

However, if none of these flaws mean much to you, Compositions might be the application for you. It's simple, free and helps you stay focused on your writing.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Allows you to take snapshots of what you're writing
  • You can print the document directly from the app's interface
  • Lets you toggle fullscreen or windowed mode


  • The Snapshots screen occasionally displays an empty Preview panel
  • Supports only 2 output formats
  • Lacks page arrangement and other text style settings
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