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This free version show coins from 2000 and up.
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This free version show coins from 2000 and up. Please purchase the full version to gain access to all years.
U. S. Commemorative Coin$ U is a powerful application that evaluates the current value of every U.S. Mint Commemorative coin ranging from the Columbian Exposition issues of the 19th century to the latest modern era items. Copper clad half dollars, silver dollars and higher denomination gold coins are all included. Numerous coin sets are listed as well. The program allows you to inventory your personal collection.
Whether you are a serious collector wanting a portable method of managing your collection, or someone who is merely curious about the value of an old or new coin, this program offers a wide-range of unique features. Every coin record in our extensive built-in database displays its current market value after you select the appropriate grade of your coin. A built-in image library provides a means for identifying your coin and the Historical Information feature offers the complete background of every commemorative issue.
You can save your coin records, maintain an ongoing inventory of items you own, as well as coins you wish to add to your collection.
U. S. Commemorative Coin$ U does NOT require an Internet connection — all of the data is in the program.
From the opening screen, use the calendar picker to select the issuance date of the coin. After choosing the description and the issuing mint, our program presents images of both sides of that coin. A popup reveals the current value based on its condition. You can also select a text-based grading guide to help determine your coin's proper grade. Mintage figures, which are invaluable in determining the rarity of a coin, are also prominently displayed.
Note: Values in U. S. Commemorative Coin$ U are derived from a number of industry sources (dealers, auctions, catalogs, etc.) and represent the current retail market value. The prices do not necessarily reflect what you might be offered when selling your collection to a dealer or individual. Use our program to assist in estate planning, insuring your collection and to determine if you have a valuable coin that needs appraisal by a reputable dealer.
Features found in U. S. Commemorative Coin$ U:
– Creates a list of the coins you own selected from our complete database of commemorative issues, using intuitive, interactive entry screens.

– Determines the value of your coins based on up to five collectible grades. You can also edit the values if you choose.
– Creates a Want List of coins you wish to add to your collection — a handy tool for planning purchases.
– Re-evaluates your prices annually with our updates for the entire database as well as providing a new Grand Total of the value of your personal collection — useful for estate planning and insuring your collection.
– Displays a detailed listing of your coins and the value of your collection and maintains this list for record-keeping purposes. Either the list of owned or wanted coins can be emailed with a single click from within the application.

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