Commando vs Zombies 1.3

Commando vs Zombies is a bloody action game for the Mac.
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Aleksander Polanowski
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Commando vs Zombies is a bloody action game for the Mac. In the game, you have to protect the people who have survived a Zombie outbreak. You will see these people walking from side to side at the bottom of the screen. You control an automatic weapon, which is also visible at the bottom. Zombies will fall from the sky. Your goal is to shoot them before they can attack the people.

You have limited ammo and if a zombie manages to escape your aim, the game will be over. At first, it is really easy to shoot them, especially when they appear one at a time, but after a while, the screen will be filled with free-falling zombies, and you have to shoot constantly and hope to hit them. From time to time, you will be able to collect cash and more ammo. To collect them, you have to hit them with your iron sight before they fall to the ground.

In short, this is a simple action game. It is very bloody and it has very gruesome sounds. When there are a lot of zombies on the screen and you shoot them all, there will be quite a bit of blood on the screen. Thus, I wouldn't really recommend this game for kids.

Although the developers boast HD graphics, a great engine and whatnot, the game is really simple. The graphics don't look HD at all.

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José Fernández
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