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Free This app lets you sync multiple folders across your CloudMe account.
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This program allows you to store multiple folders on your online CloudMe account and access them whenever you like, no matter your location. You can upload up to 3GB of data to your cloud service account without paying any cash or make a small purchase on the homepage of the developer if you require extra storage.

Before using this program, you need to create a personal CloudMe account. You can do this directly from the program's interface, without using your default browser. Furthermore, there's no need to waste time on a secondary step and validate the created account.

Afterwards, you can configure CloudMe's settings according to your needs and start uploading data to your account. Once the files are uploaded, you can access them from other Macs, mobile phones or tablets by using your default browser and logging to your CloudMe account.

This type of application comes in handy whenever you wish to bring your work home to finish it from your personal computer, send large files to other users, back up folders, and much more. CloudMe is suitable for any of the aforementioned tasks and completes them within moments.

Cutting a long story short, CloudMe proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to syncing data across your cloud service account. The app is very simple to use and configure. It uses minimum CPU resources while running on your Menu Bar, and is free.

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  • Simple to use
  • Offers easy to configure settings
  • Lets you upload up to 3GB of data for free
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