ClickThruLite 1.0

Convert static designs into interactive models.
1.0.1 (See all)
Develop interactive prototypes of interfaces. Upload a completed static project to the client, process the data and automatically generate a prototype with all the functions accessible for test runs. Customize the visualization and roll back any changes optionally.

ClickThruLite is a tool to convert static designs into interactive prototypes. Using ClickThruLite, you can import interface designs created using your favorite design tool and add interaction layer on top of it. Hence you can convert visually rich designs as well as wireframes into clickable interactive prototypes. ClickThruLite provides a method to compose and preview the interaction seamlessly. Use buttons to mark the hotspots. Add states to show hover effects. Insert Regions to load different user interface modules in specific areas, in response to button clicks. Use Popups to display popup windows, dialog boxes and menus. Use transitions to demonstrate mobile app like interactions.Limitations in ClickThruLIte compared to ClickThru:1. Maximum 5 pages per project.2. Export to HTML not available.

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