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CleanMyDrive is a system tool that lets you keep an eye on your mounted drives.
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CleanMyDrive is a system tool that lets you keep an eye on your mounted drives. The application lets you monitor all your connected volumes (hard drives, flash drives, DMG images, etc) from the menubar. When you click on the application icon, you will see a menu with all your mounted volumes. Each volume will show its used and free space. From this menu, you can show the volumes on Finder by clicking on their icon, and eject them individually or all at the same time. Perhaps the most interesting feature this app has is its ability to clean your external drives to regain some space. It can delete temporary files, thumb.db and spotlight files and even empty the trash for those drives. What is great about this feature is that you can do it manually or configure the application to do it for you every time a volume is unmounted. This works great for certain drives, but not for those that are always connected.

CleanMyDrive can automatically ignore devices that are larger than a specified number of gigabytes. This prevents the app from tinkering with your important data. The feature can be changed from the Preferences window.

In short, this tool is a very nice way to keep a constant eye on your external hard drives. It could be better if it included notifications when space is getting low, or if it displayed information directly on the menubar rather than in a menu. Still, I think it is a great app to have installed on your Mac.

José Fernández
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  • Quite useful
  • Nice application design
  • Customizable values to ignore certain devices


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