CLC DNA Workbench

CLC DNA Workbench 6.6

Advanced DNA sequence analyses.
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This 4-week fully functional demo of CLC Gene Workbench provides a wide range of advanced DNA sequence analyses, and is based on the same user-friendly and integrated software environment as CLC Free Workbench. Some analyses are Assembly of DNA sequencing data Graphically and algorithmically advanced primer design Molecular cloning Fully integrated 1D DNA Gel Simulator Automatic SNP annotation of sequences 2 types of alignments Phylogenetics Motif search (known patterns) Motif search using regular expressions Motif search using ProSite patterns Pattern discovery (unknown patterns) Web based BLAST BLAST on local databases Batch processing of multiple analyses in one work-step Dot plots Hydrophobicity analyses Searches on GenBank and PubMed Detailed log of actions/analyses performed
What's new in this version:
Minor improvements Translate to protein creates sequence lists as results when more than 10 sequences are produced. This greatly improves performance when translating large amounts of proteins It is now possible to specify the number formatting in tables in the View Preferences.
Bug fixes Fixed: Downloading of protein sequences from NCBI fails. Fixed: Trimming tool in Sequencing Data Analysis does not add annota...

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