CHV Particles Heaven FX 1.5

The biggest and most versatile Particle Emitter for Motion, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.
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Particles Heaven is a revolutionary and completely new particle emitter system for Motion, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut express. Particles Heaven is not a set of templates for Motion's own particle system. Particles Heaven is in fact the first real FxPlug particle emitter plugin ever for Motion, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Expess. It is loaded with a huge set of controls, making it possible to create a vast amount of ever different looking effects. With Particles Heaven you can create any kind of particle effects you've ever dreamt of.

Particles Heaven is the first ever cascadable FxPlug plugin. This feature makes it possible to produce trails and smoke, trigger explosions at any point of time of the life of a particle, create sparkles along the way and much more.



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  • Fx trigger app
  • Particle effects app